3 Marthas

Since 1988, 3 Marthas has provided charming, timeless baby products — made with the highest quality materials and precise attention to detail. Stylish and sewn-to-last, each item is cut, embroidered, stitched, and packaged with the utmost care in Dallas, Texas.

3 Marthas has grown to be a classic line, loved by PerryWinkle's customers, for its incredible quality, delightful design.

You can count on 3 Marthas for superior materials - thick 100% cotton terry for our towels and bibs, double-napped 100% cotton flannel for our blankets, and extra thick 100% cotton , old fashioned cloth diapers for our burp pads...with an 8 ply center for extra absorbency! And you'll always see the finesse of the finest fabrics and trims - high thread count ginghams and seer-suckers, fabulous waffle pique, beautiful grosgrain ribbon, and more.

3 Marthas has gained a reputation for beautiful appliques - the kind of thing you just don't find in mainstream retail. 3 Marthas is all about mixing the old with the new to create practical beautiful products parents and grandparents can use and enjoy.


We carry some of the most selective brands. Better hurry in… they may be gone soon!